About less than half


Let’s play a game. Name five female artists... and one can’t be Georgia O’Keeffe. This is a game I have often played with people, and to my surprise I stump almost everyone. Even harder is the “Name five female artists who were more famous than their artist husbands” game (in this Georgia O’Keeffe absolutely counts. You go, girl).

This is a website dedicated to the unsung heroines of the art world, the women who worked alone, the women who worked in the shadows of their husbands, the women who were deemed ‘minor’ in movements of majors.

It is a website of art criticism, which covers solo shows and exhibitions of female artists in New York City. (Check the What’s On tab for a list of shows on now.)

The title, less than half, is derived from a 1989 poster by the art world vigilantes the Guerilla Girls.


An art world that doesn’t acknowledge the works of female artists and artists of color is not only an inequitable one, but one that ultimately harms art’s higher purpose: to expand our understanding of the world through seeing. This is my small part in righting that wrong.

And as for some of my favorite female artists? Read on