Women, 51% of the population, get less than their fair share of representation in the art world– between 2007 and 2013 only 27% of solo shows in the U.S. featured a female artist. less than half is the website that covers those shows.

Life Between the Lines

Carmen Herrera in City Hall Park

Want More Female Artists?




Across time and space

less than half is “Face to Face” with not one but two great women: artist Chitra Ganesh and curator Beth Citron of the Rubin Museum. Join us as we talk museum interventions, animation, and public art on a scale you’ve never seen it before.



Water Tight

Nathlie Provosty has mastered a notoriously independent medium: watercolor. Showing a remarkable ability to control its properties, she creates pieces that feel at once liquid and solid.

Milk and Bones

less than half is “Face to Face” with Allison Hill-Edgar, who knows bodies inside and out––she trained to be a doctor, after all. Read about her winding path towards becoming a painter to her unusual approach to painting her subjects submerged in milk.


Of staples and stitches

less than half is “Face to Face” with Elana Herzog who uses her work to tell the complex story of the history of the world through textiles, which have embedded within them more information than you might think.

More than half

For the first time the Whitney Biennial’s curators have included a majority of female artists in their survey. 84-year-old Chicago artist Diane Simpson is one of them, with a room of her own.

South Fork WOmen

Before it was flooded with houses on postage stamp parcels, the South Fork of Long Island was an artist’s bohemia. This show at Kasmin celebrates nine women who made the Hamptons their home.