Women, 51% of the population, get less than their fair share of representation in the art world– between 2007 and 2013 only 27% of solo shows in the U.S. featured a female artist. less than half is the website that covers those shows.

Not at Home

Svenja Deininger at Marianne Boesky

More Female Artists


From Lead to Gold

Join less than half as we are “Face to Face” with painter-sculptor Kennedy Yanko, who scours Brooklyn’s salvage yards for scrap metal which she marries with latex “skins,” challenging the way we interpret material according to its context.

Small voices

In her retrospective “Other Situations” at el Museo del Barrio, Liliana Porter says a whole lot with very modest tools: mostly plastic figurines, tchotkes, collectible porcelain, and a whole lot of wit. Find out why you should know this Argentinian artist.